World War II

Pick one of the World War II topics below to investigate. Be sure to investigate it from a Canadian point of view. (What did the Canadians contribute to this event?)

These sites are the starting point in your investigation. Find out the

  • who,
  • what,
  • where,
  • when,
  • and why.

Then, look at the news reels at the bottom. Using the same style, do a write up of the event. Record it, present it to the class, or to me or Mr. Hedlin.

  1. Dieppe
  2. Japanese Internment
  3. Juno Beach
  4. Liberation of the Netherlands

News Reels

  1. Allied in North Africa
  2. D-Day
  3. Marines Raise Flag Over Iwo Jims
  4. Navy Planes Down Japanese Over Pacific
  5. Japan Surrenders
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