What Kind Of Government?

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Describe each of the following types of governments listed below.


Constitutional Monarchy


Direct Demorcracy

Representative Democracy


Benevolent Despot

We've already discussed that sometimes government do what is popular and not what is right. We've also said that governments are about justice as described in Psalm 72 and Romans 13.

Your challenge is to describe create a new form of government that will always act in a Christian way. (Yu may do this with a partner.) Obviously this government may not really be possible, so feel free to dream.

  1. This period, describe the structure of your government. Who is in charge? How is the government put into place? Is there any way of removing the government if it does wrong?
  2. Diagram the government structure. In a picture, show us how it would work.
  3. Next class period, tell the class about your government. How will your government make sure that God's justice is always evident?
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