What is the Government there for?

Constitutions guarantee different things for different people. For example, the following phrases come from

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • and the constitutions of the
    • United States,
    • France,
    • and Canada.

Which phrase comes from which country? Why do you think that?

  • “Peace, order and good government.”
  • “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • “Liberty, equality, fraternity.”
  • “Life, liberty and security of person.”

Each of these phrases gives a different view of what the government should do. Which do you think is right? Why?

Based on the passages listed below (and others that may occur to you) try to decide what the role of government is.

Thinking about these and other passages that may have come to mind, what do you think would be an appropriate slogan for Canada?

Try to dream up 3 or 4 and then pick the one you think is best. Turn it into an attractive poster on the computer (don't forget to save it) and be prepared to tell the class about it.

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