1. They said I was so popular I didn’t kiss babies, babies kissed me.
  2. This is the only town in Canada with exclamation marks (!) in its name.
  3. I was Canada’s first prime minister.
  4. I was Canada’s only female PM.
  5. This town had more snow in 24 hours than any other.
  6. This town set the record for coldest recorded temperature in Canadian history.
  7. This place is celebrating its 400th birthday this year.
  8. These two provinces joined Confederation in 1905.
  9. Canada became a country on this day.
  10. There was a ceasefire in the First World War on this day. This ended the war.
  11. The geographical center of Canada (east-west) is located in this province.
  12. I talked to my dead mother and my dead dog. I was PM.
  13. This province makes a lot of money from oil sands.
  14. This native group lived in Newfoundland.
  15. This group is half Indian, half European. Most of them originally spoke French.
  16. I started not one but two rebellions in Canada.
  17. I was a peacemaking chief named after the limb of a bird.
  18. I was an early Catholic missionary that had two different Alberta towns named after me.
  19. This is the capital of Canada.
  20. This province was the last to become part of Canada.
  21. This is one of the first four original Canadian provinces.
  22. This province joined Canada in May, 1870.
  23. Louis Riel is often considered the “Father” of which province.
  24. No one was PM for less time than me.
  25. “Pile of Bones” was once the name of which provincial capital city?
  26. “Gastown” was once the name of which major Canadian city.
  27. The government says the name Canada comes from the word Kanata. What does Kanata mean?
  28. What is the name of Manitoba’s ocean port?
  29. This was the first railroad to cross Canada.
  30. I am the current premier of this province.
  31. I am leader of the federal Liberal party.
  32. “From sea to sea” comes from what Bible chapter?
  33. Besides this chapter, where else can this phrase be found?
  34. What form of government does Canada have?
  35. I am the current PM.


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