Theses on Being Canadian

Using the links found here, work through the following activities.

  1. Draw a simple picture (in five minutes or less) that visually shows what you think it means to be Canadian.
  2. In a couple of sentences each, describe the different theses of how Canada developed. These theses are:
    • Laurentian/Metropolitan Thesis
    • Staples Thesis
    • Frontier Thesis
  3. In each case, whose point of view is the thesis described from?
  4. If you describe it from this point of view, who do you forget to include? (It's not necessarily the same person/people in each case.)
  5. Do the way these theses describe Canada match the way your described Canada in your picture?
  6. Write a brief explanation (thesis) of how Canada developed - much like the Frontier, Staples, or Laurentian Thesis - that works well with the picture you drew.
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