Taking A Vacation

With a partner (or 2) take one of the roadmaps hanging around the room. You are to plan your route across the map, hitting as many interesting and unique destinations as you can.

  1. The places you go should be off the beaten path. Avoid Toronto or Regina. Try for East Braintree, or South Porcupine or, better yet, St. Louis du Ha!Ha!
  2. You should lead people from place to place using clues or riddles. Instead of saying "go to Medicine Hat," you could say "Follow Highway 3 to the cap with the pills." Be interesting and intriguing.
  3. You should have at least 20 clues.
  4. You should start in one city or town which you name, and end up in the same place.
  5. Your clues need to be in good taste. Hopefully that's obvious.
  6. Your clues should be neatly written up or printed so that someone else can read them without difficulty.
  7. When everyone is done, we'll trade maps and Vacation Plans and try to see if we can follow other people's routes.
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