What is The True North?

The True North is intended to be a site of resources by and for Christian school Canadian history teachers. It will hopefully become a place where teachers can share lessons, units, resources, and ideas on Canadian history and on integrating their Christian faith into their lessons.

Who can join?

We welcome Christian school teachers who are dealing with Canadian themed lessons, units, or courses.

What's here so far?

  1. Mr. D's Social 10 Course Outline
  2. Canadian Games
  3. Primary Source Research
  4. Dominion of Canada
  5. Impact of the Charter
  6. Residential Schools
  7. Canada in the World
  8. Poster Assignment
  9. Recreating Mouseland
  10. Postage Stamp
  11. Remembrance Day Memories
  12. Heritage Fair Project
  13. Incidents in Human Rights
  14. What Does Canada Do Beyond Its Own Borders?
  15. Trivia
  16. Book Review
  17. Royal Proclamation of 1763 and Beyond
  18. Loyalists
  19. War of 1812
  20. Historical Foods
  21. Western Canadian Newspapers
  22. Great Depression


  1. Early European Exploration
  2. Fur Trade Posts

Geography: Physical and Human

  1. Population Pyramids
  2. Find that town
  3. Taking a Vacation
  4. Mapping Assignment


  1. Who's in the Canadian Government?
  2. If I were Prime Minister
  3. Writing to Your Government
  4. Building a Third Party
  5. Constitutional Hockey Cards
  6. Creating a Constitution
  7. Who's Who in the Federal Government
  8. Canada Votes
  9. What is the Government there for?
  10. Four Unlikely Allies
  11. Canada's Parliament for Blockheads
  12. What kind of government?


  1. Historical Songs
  2. Canadian on a Stamp
  3. Symbols of Canada
  4. Commercials about what it means to be Canadian
  5. What is a Canadian?
  6. Creating a Survey on Identity
  7. Manitoba Schools Question
  8. Women's Suffrage
  9. Creating Trivia

Writing Essays

  1. Footnoting
  2. Building a Bibliography
  3. Canadian History Essay

World History

  1. Schlieffen Plan

Erewhon Activities

  1. Creating a Flag
  2. Who's Who in the Federal Government
  3. Types of Government
  4. Who's the Hero?
  5. National Anthems
  6. If I were Prime Minister


Drop in on the forum and take a minute to chat with other teachers. Whatever problem you're grappling with, there's someone who can help.


  1. I'm a member, how do I start creating and editing pages?
    • There's a pretty great tutorial for beginners over here.

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