Sample Anthems

Sample Anthems for Erewhon as created by Grade 9C.

To the tune of O Canada unless otherwise noted.

O Erewhon, where pink bumblebees grow,
Little children playing and old ones saying NO!
We learn in school and pray in Church
And the sun is always out.
Independent, independent, that's what we're all about
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Sun Cross and Cloud.
O Erewhon, we know you're nowhere to be found!
O Erewhon, we know you're nowhere to be found!

O Erewhon, spread peace, kindness and love.
School and a church, with a big parking lot.
With senior citizens right across the street.
A short walk from here to thre.
Cold is in the air, O Erewhon.
We stand up in your name.
God keep this place, from cruelty and hate.
O Erewhon, we sing to thee this day.
O Erewhon, we love this glorious place.

O Erewhon, we live free and strong.
In God we trust to right all wrong.
We worship God and bring him praise
Through the rest of our days.
Our nation's free to send light through the darkness of the world!
Our nation's free to send light through the darkness of the world!

O Erewhon, God will protect thee
Through all our trouble He will protect thee
He will guide our hearts and our minds
And keep us from harm
He'll be with us and never leave
God will protect thee
No need to fear, man or nature
O Erewhon, God will protect thee
O Erewhon, God will protect thee

O Erewhon! Where the elderly roam,
Consisting mainly of a school and an old folks' home.
The students learn while old folks sit,
There's not much else to do.
From east to west, O Erewhon!
There is a church here, too!
God show yourself through our beautiful land
O Erewhon, by your flag we stand
O Erewhon, by your flag we stand

Erewhon is cool.
You can go to school, and a church, and an old folks home.
And it's strong and mighty.

Erewhon is freedom,
It makes you laugh, it makes you smile.
Erewhon can go the extra mile.

(Ring Around the Rosie)

O, Erewhon, O Erewhon
Forever to be mighty and free!
Knowledge from the past
And the future shall be made!
Courage and greatness shall bring us
Peace and grace!
With great insights and helpful minds
We will bring peace to the rest of the world!
Inspired by greatness
Our land shall stand for many more to see!

O Erewhon, you'll be safe and secure.
We shall defend with word of truth and love
God shall tell us what to do and when
To keep us strong and free
With our unbreakable faith
We shall defend
We shall defend thee

Erewhon this is our land
Beautiful and free
We work to provide for those in need,
And rise to protect thee,
On eagles wings we soar above,
The sorrow, famine and strife
For God's grace has brought us here,
It has led us through the night
We have power in his Name,
And we conquer all our foes,
With peace, love, joy, and grace,
and so the anthem goes.
You can see,
The love we have,
From sea to shining sea,
Though we have love,
There is still power,
More than,
You can believe,
We hope, we trust, we love, we pray,
And live for God alone,
That is our closing,
And now we will go home,
Now we will go home.
(Amazing Grace)

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