Riel vs Pearson: Who's the Hero?

Having just celebrated both Flag Day and Louis Riel Day which are in place because of the accomplishments of two Canadian "heros," we've got to ask, "What's a hero anyways?"

  1. Louis Riel
  2. Lester Pearson

Research both Louis Riel and Lester Pearson. Create a nice, neat, (big,) colorful chart that lists their major heroic accomplishments and decide between the two which is the true hero. (You can't have a tie.)

As you do this, ask yourself:

  • What is a hero?
  • What are the qualities of a hero?
  • What do you, as a Christian, value in someone? (This Bible passage might give you some ideas.)
  • What are qualities a Christian should not admire? Try these passages here and here.
  • Who best lives up to the qualities you've researched?
  • If one person doesn't live up to the qualities mentioned, why do you think they're still considered a great Canadian?
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