Remembrance Day Memories
Liberation of the Netherlands Holocaust The Areodrome
Remembrance Day Korean War
Conscription Crisis of 1944 WWII Begins Pearl Harbor
  1. To be an "ace" in World War I you had to shoot down five enemy planes. A pilot's life expectancy was three weeks.
    • Who was Canada's greatest flying ace in World War I?
    • How many enemy planes was he credited with shooting down?
  2. Where did Canadians first face a gas attack?
    • Why was this significant for Canadians?
  3. Who was Canada's prime minister in World War I?
  4. Why were some Canadian women given the federal vote in 1917?
  5. What happened on November 11, 1918, at 11:00 AM?
  6. When did Canada declare war in World War II?
  7. Who said "conscription if necessary but not necessarily conscription?"
    • What did this mean?
  8. What country did Canadians play the almost exclusive role in liberating in World War II, in thanks for which this country sends Canada a yearly gift of one million tulip bulbs? (Hint: Mr. D's parents were born in this country in WWII.)
  9. What does the word "Holocaust" mean?
    • Who was killed in the "Holocaust"? Why were these people targetted?
    • Why do many people consider the Holocaust killings more horrifying than other mass exterminations?
  10. How many Canadians served in the Korean War? Who were the enemies in this war? What system of government did they have?
  11. In each of these three wars, what did the Canadians think they were fighting? (Not who, but what.)
    • What could a Christian learn from these examples?
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