Recreating Mouseland

Think back to the Tommy Douglas’ speech, Mouseland. Re-read it if you need to. Then, in your head, answer a few questions:

  • What sort of system do you think Tommy Douglas is poking fun of?
  • Why did the mice label the mouse with the new idea a "Bolshevik" or a "Communist"? (Why does anyone make mock people with new ideas?)
  • What was the real problem with politics? (Don't think in terms of cats and mice, but what did Douglas think the issue was in Canada at the time?)
  • What was the solution according to Douglas? Can you accept his solution?

When you've thought a bit about Douglas's political fable, Mouseland, think about your own country.

  • What are the politics like here? Are things good?
  • Could they be done differntly? Better?
  • What would you do if it were up to you to solve the problem/s?

Now get creative. Write a story; a fable, an analogy, a metaphor, a parable. Write about your country, but use another image to explain the problem and to suggest the solution. Remember, you are writing about the troubles in Canada - writing a political fable - but you may not actually mention Canada or its troubles.

Your story:

  • Should be about 500 words.
  • May be done with one other person (or no partner at all).
  • May be typed or neatly handwritten (or printed).


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