Prime Ministerial Trading Cards
Prime Minister Party Prime Minister Party
John A Macdonald Liberal-Conservative Louis St. Laurent Liberal
Alexander Mackenzie Liberal John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative
John Abbott Liberal-Conservative Lester Pearson Liberal
John Thompson Conservative Pierre Trudeau Liberal
Mackenzie Bowell Conservative Joe Clark Progressive Conservative
Charles Tupper Conservative John Turner Liberal
Wilfrid Laurier Liberal Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative
Robert Borden Conservative/Unionist Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative
Arthur Meighen National Liberal and Conservative/Conservative Jean Chretien Liberal
William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal Paul Martin Liberal
Richard Bedford Bennett Conservative Stephen Harper Conservative
  1. Prime Ministerial Links

From the list of Prime Ministers above, pick one to research. Find out whatever you can about him/her including:

  • when he lived.
  • where he was born and where he died and was buried.
  • his religion.
  • if he was married (and who to).
  • when he was prime minister.
  • the party/parties he led.
  • which riding/s he was elected in.
  • his major accomplishments and controversies as prime minister.
  • major accomplishments at other times.
  • major world events that happened when he was prime minister.
  • what other groups he was associated with.

Then you're going to make a "trading card" of your prime minister.

  • The picture will go on the front.
    • There should be a caption giving the prime minister's name and "team."
  • Vital stats will go on the back.
    • Vital statistics should go in bullet form or something similar.
  • The whole information side should be arranged so your information fills up most of the area available.
  • Make it attractive.
    • Use a variety of fonts, pictures, etc.
    • Make it clean and tidy.
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