Population Pyramids

For this assignment you're going to construct population pyramids using data from Canadian censuses.

Using the information provided on the spreadsheet or the population pyramid handout, construct a population pyramid. The pyramid should have two sets of data on it.

  1. For each age group, show the data from the 2001 census.
  2. For each age group show the data from an earlier census. The teacher will help you decide which year you'll do since (hopefully) all the different years will get done by different students.
  3. Do each year in a different color ON THE SAME POPULATION PYRAMID.
  4. When you've done this, try to answer a few questions.
    1. The two different sets of data made different graphs. How are they different?
    2. Since both graphs are about Canadian population, you can assume something changed. What?
    3. Why did this change occur?
    4. What does this tell you about Canada today versus Canada in years gone by?


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