Mike Sokolowski
  • Born: Unknown, possibly in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Occupation: Uncertain. Possibly a health inspector or a tin smith.
  • Died: June 21, 1919, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Cause of Death: Died instantly from a bullet to the heart from a police gun, possibly while heaving large stones at the police though some witnesses dispute this.
  • Probable Address: 552 Henry Street, Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg was a happening place. It was third largest city in Canada. "Chicago of the North."
  • Immigration to Winnipeg had dramatically increased the population of Winnipeg.
  • Most lived in desperate poverty, often 10 to a room with a hundred or more sharing a single outhouse.
  • North End was a lousy place to be.
  • City very clear divided into rich and poor, European and ethnic neighbohoods.
  • Working to help out was the Social Gospel Movement
    • J.S. Woodsworth: well known local Methodist minister
    • "save that man now" replaced "save that sinner now"
    • Social Gospelists go on to found the CCF.
  • Winnipeg General Strike: May 15 - June 25, 1919.
  • Called and organized by One Big Union.
  • Citizen's Committee of 1000


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