Mapping Assignment

On the map provided identify each of the following places:

  1. All ten provinces
  2. all three territories
  3. all fourteen capitals
  4. the Five Great Lakes
  5. Georgian Bay
  6. Beaufort Sea
  7. Vancouver Island
  8. the Queen Charlotte Islands
  9. Cape Breton Island
  10. Anticosti Island
  11. Baffin Island
  12. St. Pierre and Miquelon
  13. Various Cities like
    • Calgary
    • Vancouver
    • Saskatoon
    • Montreal
  14. Hudson Bay
  15. James Bay
  16. Ungava Bay
  17. Gaspe Peninsula (Gaspesie)

Due to the size of the map it might be easiest to number all the places and then put the numbers on the map.

Mapping Assignment 2

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