Manitoba Schools Question

Read over the information on the Manitoba Schools Question. The site with the information provides about six pages you should look at. However, most of the information is summarized on the first page. (Handy, eh?)

As you read it over identify:

  1. Where the issue happened.
  2. The premier of the province involved.
  3. The two major educational groups that were involved.
  4. Which educational group ultimately lost out.
  5. The response of the aggrieved party.
  6. The replies of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
  7. Prime Minister Macdonald's role in the whole messy business.
    • Why Macdonald's role was ironic.
  8. Prime Minister's Laurier's role in the affair.
    • Why Laurier's role was ironic.
  9. How even the "final" deal that was reached finally fell asleep about 20 years later.
  10. How this issue affects us even today, 112 years later.

Once you've identified these major elements, think about a imaginary conversation that might have happened between the three major players in this drama. These three likely never got together to discuss things (especially since Macdonald had died by the time this was resolved), but pretend that years after it was all done they had sat down over coffee and crumpets (or something like that) to talk about what had happened and why they had done what they did.

Imagine the conversation and record it. It should last about two minutes and identify the points listed above.

  • Clearly you can work in groups.
  • Groups of three would be the most logical.
  • For this we're looking mainly at the content of what you do rather than your finesse (though finesse is nice, too), so make your recording clear and easy to understand.
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