Using the resources listed at the bottom of the page (and others if you need to) try to answer the questions.

Questions to ponder

  1. Where did the Loyalists come from?
  2. Where did the Loyalists go to?
  3. Why did the Loyalists feel compelled to leave their homes?
  4. Who were the Loyalists?
    • Were they black or white?
    • Were they rich or poor?
    • Were they farmers or city people?
    • Were they men or women?
  5. How did the Loyalists arrive at their new homes?
  6. How did the arrival of the Loyalists change society/the landscape, etc?
  7. Loyalists are known in American history as "Tories" or "Royalists." Which of these is the most honest description?
  8. The opposition to the Loyalists is known as the "Patriots" by Americans or "rebels" by Canadians. Which is the more honest description?

An activity to do

Now that you've thought about the Loyalists, put yourself in their shoes.

  • Write a brief story about them. This is historical fiction. That means that although it's fiction, it's based on real historical facts, and lots of them.
  • Possible ideas to include:
    • How did they get by?
    • What did they suffer?
    • What was their life like?
    • What did they gain?
    • What did they lose?
    • If they could do it over, would they have remained loyal to the British crown?
  • It should be in the form of a play script, two to four pages long.
  • Once you have a workable script, record it using Audacity which you will have installed on your flash drive.
  • Add sound effects as appropriate including theme music. A great site for that kind of thing is Sound Snap.
  • Convert your whole project to an MP3. You may need Lame to finish the project off.


  1. Remembering Black Loyalists
  2. Wikipedia
  3. The Canadian Encyclopedia
  4. Loyalist songs
  5. Statistics Canada
  6. Black Loyalists
  7. Loyalist pictures
  8. The Most Gentleman-like Government on Earth
  9. Inventing the Loyalists: Book Preview
  10. Quinte Loyalists of 1784
  11. First Nations Before the Loyalists


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