Historical Songs

A nation expresses itself in its music. It could be rock, classical, or rap, but somehow music says something about the person and the culture that shaped it.

One of the most interesting forms of music is the kind that tries to tell a historical tale such as is in the videos below. Folk music like this celebrates a country's culture, whether those are real events or imagined ones.

Your job is to write a short song about an event or events in Canada's past. Your song:

  1. will be at least 20 lines long.
  2. will be sung to a recognizable tune.
  3. will be in good taste (you know what I mean).
  4. will express a point of view. All songs express a point of view whether they mean to or not. The point of view of your song must be consistent with a Christian way of looking at the world.
  5. will be done in a small group of up to five people.
  6. will be sung for the class.


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