Happy Birthday, Manitoba!

In honor of Manitoba's birthday today, answer these questions. Feel free to do some research to make sure you've got the correct responses.

  1. What is the origin of the word Manitoba?
  2. What is the highest point in Manitoba?
  3. When did Manitoba's boundaries change to its current keystone shape and size?
  4. This cartoonist based Disney's Snow White character on a Winnipeg waitress.
  5. At the turn of the 19th century, which Manitoba city expected to be the province's capital?
  6. Who is considered to be the founding father of Manitoba?
  7. What's Manitoba's nickname for the Red River Floodway?
  8. James Bond was inspired by what Winnipegger who grew up in Point Douglas?
  9. What is Manitoba's official flower?
  10. Where can you find the largest collection of reptiles in the world?
  11. What is a nip?
  12. What is shmoo torte?
  13. What's the second-largest community in Manitoba?
  14. Where can you find the longest suspension footbridge in Canada?
  15. Where can you find the oldest inhabited part of the province?
  16. On which town did a famous Manitoba novelist base her fictional hamlet of Manawaka?
  17. What are the two biggest outdoor festivals in Manitoba?
  18. What's the name of the Al Capp cartoon character for whom the town of Flin Flon is named?
  19. What A.A. Milne character has his roots in Winnipeg?
  20. What is the name of Canada's newest national museum and where is it being built?
  21. Who was the playoff MVP when the Winnipeg Jets won their third Avco Cup in 1979?
  22. Who was the starting quarterback the last time the Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup in 1990?
  23. What Manitoba-born golfer tied for second at the 1969 Masters and is currently tied with Mike Weir for most wins, with eight, by a Canadian on the PGA Tour?
  24. What Manitoban won the 1977 world sprint speed-skating title?
  25. What year was the general strike?
  26. What is Manitoba's provincial bird?
  27. What is Manitoba's official tree?
  28. What is Manitoba's official animal?
  29. What is Manitoba's motto?
  30. How long is the Red River Floodway?
  31. The International Peace Garden is adjacent to which provincial park: Duck Mountain, Turtle Mountain or Keystone Mountain?
  32. The Winnipeg Falcons are a storied hockey team that won the first Olympic gold medal for hockey in what year? 1909, 1915 or 1920.
  33. Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg and lived in St. Vital, Elmwood or Transcona?
  34. Where does Lake Winnipeg rank for size among fresh-water lakes of the world?
  35. Manitoba is the country's largest producer of sunflower seeds. Which city is known as the Sunflower Capital of Canada?
  36. The highest recorded temperature, with the humidex, in Canada was 53 C. Which Manitoba city boasts that record?
  37. Who was Manitoba's first premier?
  38. Name one of the military units that call CFB Shilo home.
  39. What is Manitoba's population?

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