Creating Trivia

Your job is to create (and mark) a trivia quiz of 25 (or more) questions. These should be good, tough questions. You should, of course, know the answers, too.

Your questions can be on any one of the following topics:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Manitoba premiers
  3. Canadian Women's suffrage (including women being declared persons)
  4. Chinese Head Tax
  5. Japanese Internment in World War II
  6. Canada's Role in Afghanistan
  7. Members of Canada's government
  8. What makes a Canadian a Canadian
  9. Canadian extreme weather
  10. Canada in World War I
  11. Canada in World War II

When you have made your questions, go to Google Docs and create a form to enter the data. Then send the embed code for that form to Mr. D. Tomorrow, he'll put it in a wiki he'll create.

This will be done with a partner.

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