Constitutional Hockey Cards

In the early 1980s negotiations that led to the constitutional deal that patriated Canada's constitution in 1982, there were a lot of big players.

Pick one of these "players" and create a hockey card style biography of him. It should have a picture of the player on the front (preferably with an "action" shot) and appropriate "stats" on the back.

  1. Pierre Trudeau
  2. Rene Levesque
  3. Claude Morin
  4. Roy Romanow
  5. Peter Lougheed
  6. Bill Davis
  7. Alan Blakeney
  8. Jean Chretien
  9. Claude Ryan

You need to include several things such as

  • the person's lifespan
  • the person's job when the constitution was being patriated
  • the person's role in patriation
  • what the person did generally
  • interesting and quirky moments in the person's life
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