Canadian History Essay

Due Date: November 30. There is flexibility in the due date if you talk to me in advance.
Length: 2000 words (give or take)
Style of essay: Formal.

  • It is an essay so it will need:
    • an introduction.
    • a conclusion,
    • a thesis meaning an argument or a main point that you're trying to demonstrate.
    • good writing style including
      • good sentence structure.
      • good paragraph formation.
      • great word choice.
  • However, not everything is quite like the school's style guide.
    • You don’t need a title page. Your name, the date, and the course name single spaced on the first page will do.
    • You don’t need your name on the top or bottom of every page.
    • You absolutely MUST have a bibliography. It includes not only works you actually cite but EVERYTHING you used in your research.

Style of citations: Footnotes or endnotes. This means all citations should appear at the bottom of the page or the end, and NOT in the text. I have a guide set up to show you how to do footnotes.

Topic: Something significant in Canadian history. The definition of significant will vary so get it approved by the teacher first.

Number of sources: At least one per page. At least half must be printed sources (not websites).

The essay must be original work written by you, and not by someone else or taken from a book or website. To take someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism (a fancy word for theft), and you will get a zero on your assignment. Don’t do it.

Suggested topics:

  1. Sir John A Macdonald
  2. Stanley Cup
  3. Royal Canadian Air Farce
  4. Crowfoot
  5. Native Missions
  6. Father Albert Lacombe
  7. Maurice Duplessis
  8. John Cabot
  9. Rat Portage Thistles
  10. Women’s Suffrage
  11. Canadian Football League
  12. William Lyon Mackenzie King
  13. Louis Riel
  14. Founding of the NWMP
  15. Tommy Douglas
  16. Jacques Cartier
  17. Norman Bethune
  18. Pierre Trudeau
  19. Patriating the Constitution
  20. William “Bible Bill” Aberhart
  21. Bricklin SV-1
  22. Ethel Catherwood
  23. Joe Shuster
  24. Wayne and Shuster
  25. Battle of Seven Oaks
  26. Fur Trade
  27. Yukon Goldrush

This is not an exhaustive list of topics, just a few that happened to occur to me. There's many more things you could pick from.

Some good places to start your research:

  1. Winnipeg Public Library
  3. National Archives of Canada
  4. Alaska/Yukon Goldrush Photos
  5. HBC Digital Collection
  6. Our Roots
  7. Winnipeg Tribune
  8. Posters of the First World War
  9. Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War
  10. Alberta Newspapers Collection
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