Canada's Political Parties

You are going to research a few of Canada's political parties. You may do this in groups of up to six people (with each one researching one party). These parties are:

  1. Bloc Quebecois
  2. Christian Heritage Party
  3. Conservative Party of Canada
  4. Liberal Party of Canada
  5. New Democratic Party
  6. One other party from this list

You will find out several things about them:

  • Who the leader is
  • What their major stands are (at least three)
  • How many Members of Parliament they have (try looking here for that info)
  • How many Senators they have
  • If the party has ever been a part of the federal government
  • Whether a Christian could, in good conscience, vote for this party

You will then lay this information out either on a poster or on a Google Site/Wiki which we can create for you. Your poster/site will include:

  1. All the above information
  2. The logos of the respective parties
  3. A picture of the leader of the party

Your assignment will be graded with about 75% of the mark going towards the content and 25% towards the appearance. Make it tidy, attractive, and in good taste.

Do NOT simply give a series of answers to the questions. Make it a poster/website that can stand on its own without any reference to the assignment.


  1. Kurt, Josh, Ben Jayson
  2. Madi, Taryn, Julianne
  3. David, Jesse, Andrew
  4. Josh, Marina, Chanel
  5. Emily, Breanna
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