Canada's Parliament for Blockheads

The Canadian Parliamentary system is a complex system that evolved over time. It's really tough to explain to most people, but this is your job. Explain the Canadian Parliament and how it work to an average Canadian.

You need to explain the role of:

  1. the House of Commons/Members of Parliament,
  2. the Senate/Senators,
  3. Cabinet Ministers,
  4. the Prime Minister,
  5. the Governor General,
  6. the Queen,
  7. or Consitutional Conventions.

Using a comic making service such as those listed here or your own natural drawing abilities if you want (and with the aid of a partner), build a comic that explains the function of one of these institutions or people.

Your comic should

  1. have 12 panels.
  2. be colorful.
  3. clearly and concisely explain your topic even for the simplest minds. (This is the really big one!)
  4. be mildly and appropriately humorous (while still being respectful).

The videos below are a good place to start looking for information.

Other useful links:

  1. Canada's Parliament
  2. Parliament Hill
  3. Prime Minister's Website
  4. Governor General's Website
  5. Constitutional Convention
  6. Senate (Wikipedia)
  7. Senate Divisions
  8. The Monarchy (the Queen)
  9. Cabinet Ministers
  10. House of Commons: Wikipedia
  11. House of Commons: Canadian Encyclopedia
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