Analyzing A Survey On Identity

Download the attached spreadsheet which holds the results from our survey.

This is all 190 people who responded to our survey. Now you can to do some analysis. You may do the work with ONE friend (or maybe a non friend. Loving people who don't love you and helping them is something you should do, too).

  1. How many people who responded were from Canada? How many people came from elsewhere?
    • Create an appropriate graph in Excel to show this.
    • I'm assuming you know how to do this since you covered this in elementary and many of you have recently done this in AICT. If you don't, say something.
  2. For each of the ten questions, find out how many people gave each different answer and graph the results.
    • Along with the graph in #1 this should give you 11 graphs of one type or another. (22)
  3. Now think about your survey results for a moment.
    • Do you think people took your survey seriously? What do you base that on? (3)
    • Did you ask good questions in the survey or were there some problems with them? Explain. (3)
    • What would you change about this survey is you could (besides getting more pepole to answer it)? (5)
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